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A Complete Series Starting May 19th, 2020

We miss you!! We couldn’t gather in person for Couples Retreat this year, so we’ve created a Virtual Couples Retreat program to connect our community! We’ll enjoy the fun of the beach, the crackle of the campfire and find new ways to facilitate social interaction and peer support. Join us for this series, which will contain activities similar to our usual retreat! We are looking forward to having our Pacific University occupational therapy and speech students join as well to complete their fieldwork experiences and learn from our community.

We will be using Zoom, an online video conferencing program. We will provide live instructions on how to connect with this program and additional support if needed. You will need a device with a camera and microphone, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone as well as internet connection. 

Email Info@aphasianetwork.org for more information and registration, or call 503-577-1282. 


UPDATE: Aphasia Couples Retreat Cancelled

The COVID-19 virus continues to spread in Oregon and Washington, and the health and well being of our aphasia community is a top priority to us. In following the recommendations of the CDC and social distancing guidelines by local and state leaders, The Aphasia Network has cancelled the 2020 Aphasia Couples Retreat that was scheduled for the first weekend in May. We are taking this significant measure to help slow the spread of the virus and to prevent overburdening our healthcare system.

We will be processing registration fee refunds this week for those campers and students that have already paid. 

Please take extra care of yourself. If you need more information about the Corona Virus and how to protect yourself, please visit the CDC website:


SUPPORT GROUPS CANCELLED: The leaders of the Speak EZ and Continuous Improvement aphasia support groups have asked us to let you know those groups have been cancelled through April. Please check back for updates.



about us.

The Aphasia Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting an underserved population of persons with aphasia in the United States. Aphasia, an acquired communication disorder caused by brain injury or stroke, impairs comprehension and production of spoken language, but does not affect intelligence. Because communication is essential to relationships and performing daily tasks, persons with aphasia and their families can experience emotional, physical and financial stress and social isolation. Our goals are to raise awareness and help survivors rebuild communication-associated life systems impacted by aphasia: Quality of life, Daily life skills, Community and Support.

For more information, email info@aphasianetwork.org


Our Programs

The Aphasia Network offers weekend and workshop programs throughout the year
designed to support persons living with aphasia and their care partners. 

Aphasia Camp Northwest Adventure Weekend August 21st-23rd, 2020

This year at summer camp we will introduce some new activities for an adventurous weekend full of exciting experiences. This camp is an opportunity for aphasia survivors and their care partners to learn new things, try new things, and experience new things. This is a time for attendees to bond through adventures and grow together during safe supported activities. 

Email info@AphasiaNetwork.org for registration forms and information.



Spring Aphasia Workshop - March 7, 2020

This one-day program focuses on finding new communication tools and strategies with communication apps and communication books.

Independent living tools and strategies for daily living, as well as leisure and recreational activities, are also incorporated into this program.



Aphasia Couples Retreat -

Cancelled for 2020

This weekend retreat program gives persons with aphasia and their spouses an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen their bond as a couple in a fun, social setting. Together with a speech and occupational therapy student team, and in professionally-led groups, couples will discuss and form individualized coping methods for the challenges of married life with aphasia side-by-side with other couples facing similar challenges. 


Support Groups

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 social distancing, all support groups have been cancelled through April. Please check back for updates.

Individuals and families affected by aphasia face unique challenges. Support specifically designed for these people is limited. Three groups have formed in the Portland, Oregon area that provide both the individual experiencing aphasia and family members the opportunity to develop a sense of community with others impacted by aphasia.

These groups are organized and run by participants. Groups are free of charge, but do ask for small contributions to be given to the churches that have donated space. Regular attendance is not required, but families feel that attending often is beneficial to everyone.

Email info@aphasianetwork.org for a list of support groups and contact information.

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Explore our collection of Aphasia resources, tools, and community support opportunities.
Support Groups

Support groups give persons living with aphasia and their care partners the opportunity to meet others facing similar challenges, share their knowledge, and make new friends.

Communication Tools

These sheets can be printed to help facilitate communication. Place communication tools in rooms where frequent communication takes place, or add sheets to communication books.

Literary Links

Find books related to aphasia. Titles include topics ranging from autobiographical tales of living with aphasia, to workbooks designed to help persons living with aphasia regain reading and writing skills.

Technology & Video

Find videos to help you speed-up daily tasks or find solutions to daily challenges. Topics include, one-handed shoe tying techniques, one-handed guitar playing, and much more. Explore devices and applications (apps) designed to support communication and remove speech barriers. These can be important resources if you have access to a tablet or smartphone.


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